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Challenges in the Classroom

Challenges in the Classroom - Managing a classroom can be...

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Challenges in the Classroom I believe that some of the most challenging obstacles that elementary teachers face are time management, classroom management, and teaching the children. Elementary teachers have to acquire time management skills prior to deciding to become an elementary teacher; otherwise he or she will most likely not ever have any time to themselves. There cannot be a large amount of free time for elementary teachers as it is to do things such as grade papers, finish reports, or keep records. Time before school and after school will definitely be a must for any elementary teachers; especially in the first couple of years until they have a set routine each year.
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Unformatted text preview: Managing a classroom can be trying at times for any teacher, teaching at any grade level, but the circumstances may also be a factor. I imagine teaching a class that 21 students and a majority of them being boys, about 15 boys and six girls. Out of the 21 boys there are two “chatty Kathy’s” and two “class clowns”. Managing a classroom such as that will definitely be hard to keep under control and teaching at the same time. The teacher must be creative and resilient in order to help all of the 21 students learn. Classroom management, teaching, and learning all go hand-in-hand; without classroom management, there cannot be teaching or learning....
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