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Stat 3011 Homework 1 Stat 3011: Homework 1 Due: Tuesday, January 27th Directions: No late homework. It must be turned in to your t.a. or their mailbox (on the 3rd floor of Ford Hall) any time on Tuesday. Show all work! You will not get any credit for just reporting your final answer. There is partial credit so complete what you can. Keep it neat! If your t.a. can’t read it, he can’t grade it.
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Unformatted text preview: Assigned Exercises: 1. 1.2 (page 8) 2. 1.8 (page 14) 3. 1.12 (page 14) 4. 2.4 (page 29) 5. 2.6 (page 29) 6. 2.16 parts a and c (page 45) 7. 2.21 parts b, c, and d (page 46) NOTE: The breakfast cereal data is described in Example 4 on page 33 of the book. 8. 2.24 (page 47) 1...
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