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Stat 3011 Homework 5 Stat 3011: Homework 5 Due: Tuesday, February 24th Directions: Same directions as always (they are also written on the homework website). Assigned Exercises: 1. 6.10 (page 279) 2. 6.14 (page 290) 3. 6.20 (page 290) 4. 6.22 (page 290) 5. 6.26 (page 291) (a) book part a (b) book part b (c) book part c (d) 10% of rental rates are below what value?
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Unformatted text preview: 6. 6.27 (page 291) 7. 6.34 (page 299) Explain why this experiment satises the 4 conditions for the binomial setting as given on page 73 of the notes. Make sure to go through each condition separately. Also, do not answer the book parts a, b, and c (though theyre similar to what Im asking you to do). 1...
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