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HW6 - 3 7.14(page 331 4 7.18(page 332(a In the context of...

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Stat 3011 Homework 6 Stat 3011: Homework 6 Due: Tuesday, March 10th Directions: Same directions as always (they are also written on the homework website). Assigned Exercises: 1. 6.38 (page 300) Let X be the number of questions the student gets correct. (a) State the distribution of X . (b) What is the probability that the student lucks out and answers all 4 questions correctly? (c) Find the probability that the student passes the quiz. 2. 6.42 (page 300) (a) State the distribution of X . (b) Find the mean and standard deviation of the probability distribution of X . (c) Interpret the mean from part b. (d) Note that since np = 3000( . 5) = 1500 and n (1 - p ) = 3000(1 - . 5) = 1500 are both bigger than 15, we can use a normal approximation to the binomial distribution. What is this approximation? (e) Using the normal approximation, find the probability that more than 1550 people in the exit poll voted in favor of the tax proposals.
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Unformatted text preview: 3. 7.14 (page 331) 4. 7.18 (page 332) (a) In the context of this problem, what does the Law of Large Numbers tell us about the sample estimate x as the sample size increases? (b) Calculate the mean and standard error of the sampling distribution of x . (c) Interpret the value of the mean (from part b) in the context of this problem. (d) Use the Central Limit Theorem to state the sampling distribution of x . (e) Explain what the sampling distribution in part d describes. (f) Calculate the probability of obtaining a sample of 100 farmers in which the average annual income is more than $540. 5. 7.24 (page 333) (a) book part a The population distribution describes the true distribution of ages among the entire Sunshine city population. (b) book part c (c) book part d 1...
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