HW9Sol - STAT 31111 Homework 9 Solutions Instructor: Alicia...

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Unformatted text preview: STAT 31111 Homework 9 Solutions Instructor: Alicia Johnson 9.11 9.16 9.22 9.31} 9.39 Get P-valoe from r: a) tits b} use e) {1.85 d} None et‘these P-values gives strong evidence against llu. All ol'them indicate that the null hypothesis is plausible. Another test of astrology a} p — proportion of adults who guess correctly H..: p H3 and H.: p e “3 b} p — 23I33' 0.33? se = so.“ puy'n} - lgesssu z = to??? 0.333jiflfl52 HUB c} The P-value is 0.4T. “the null hypothesis were true, the probability would be 0.4? of getting a test statistic at least as extreme as the value observed. d} At the o- ll.tl1 level we do not have strong evidence to reject the null hypothesis. Hence I would not conclude that people are more liker to select their "correct" horoscope than il‘they were randomly guessing. esssyssi ease Exit poll predictions: b] liu'. p- 0.50: Ii”: p r [1.50 The lirst assumption is that the data are categorical. which is true for voting status. Second. the sample must he random, which we will assume is true. Third. the sample must be sulliciently large to assume that the distribution nt‘the sample proportion is approximately normal: np {EDI | H05) 3- 15 and n[l p} (2m Milli} e 15. c} Pavalue - [1.92 {alternative hypothesis is twovsided]. AssumingerI - [1.511). the probability of obtaining a sample promotion where 50. I‘ll; or more of the voters voted for Webb or the other extreme. less than 49.9% voted for Webb. is about 92%. d} Since the P-valtJe ‘-=- CLUE, we cannot reject the null hypothesis. There is insufficient evidence to predict who won lhc election. Low carbohydrate diet: a} Let ,u =' the mean weight change H”: a - t} against H": .e s: it b) se — 5N” -— 3.4mm — [1.531 1* r (x... some —- peso eyesai —-ts.air c} Ltmking at Table B. for 40 degrees of freedom we see that the 4! critical values for every given right tail probability is less than [3.21 Hence the P-value for this test will be less than out“. So if we assume that the null hypothesis is true, ifp = t], the probability would be less than (Will of getting a test statistic less than or equal to -1Ei.2'i'. d] At the o = [H]! level we actually do have strong evidence to reject the null hypothesis {P-value < [Will { Dill). Hence we can conclude that subjects on such a diet lost weight [In EVCIHEE. Anorexia in teenage girls: a) See attached Rweb output. We see that the data is approximately normally distributed. b} See attached Ftweb output. Dur assumptions are that we have a quantitative variable with population a defined. that data are obtained using randomization, and that the population is approximately normal, which we can assume to be true. Let a = mean weight change. Then He: a — i] and H”: a is G. Our P—value is {1.fltifl3433'. which means that il~ the null hypothesis were true. the probability would be 13.013335 of getting a test statistic greater than or equal to the one observed. We have strong evidence to reject the null hypothesis, hence we can conclude that the mean weight change was greater than Cl. 9.42 Dr. Dog: a} For the significance level ol'tlflS. we would reject the null hypothesis. We have strung evidence that dogs can detect urine from bladder cancer patients at a rate higher than would be expected by chance. b} ll'wc made an error. it was a Type 1 error. which would indicate that we concluded that dogs could detect urine from bladder cancer patients. but they really were not able to do so any better than by chance. 9.47 Errors in the courtroom: a} A Type i error would result in finding the defendant guilty when hershe is actually innocent. h} AType II error wculd result in Failing triconvict a defendant who is actually guilty. c) if conviction results in the death penalty, a Type l error would be considered more serious because it would mean putting an innocent person to death. Rweh l[C‘llutpuuts Hweh:s pnslscripttliln “rrmpffldut.?4?ifitps"i Rweb:h x <- read.tablet”rtmpKRdata.2423a.data". headar=Tt Rweb:> attaehtxl Rweb:> namearxt [1] “Change” Hweb:> Hueb:> Rweb:} stemtthanget The decimal point is l digittst to the right of the I -D | 543 0 I 046$?59 1 | 111334 2 | 2 Rweb:> t.testtx=Change. conf.level=o.95. alternative=ugreater”. nu=Dl One Sample t-test data: Change t = 4.1859, df = 15. p—value = D.DDD34BT alternative hypothesis: true mean is greater than 0 95 percent confidence interval: 4.252552 Inf sample estimates: mean of x 7.294118 ...
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HW9Sol - STAT 31111 Homework 9 Solutions Instructor: Alicia...

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