Midterm2+Practice+Problems - " ro,l s:eerns CIKe...

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P."t\q* 6-3Y 1-*-i*r E F-t a=-) o\sv t,) t7(t) = o ?r1 +r.,t=f,=6 1 -+ gx =O -) S/ *t7 - \\"r -) Al = 61'N 2 F'., =o I DE lrnd o, - uFx'n6 o= o =) ,'DF = DE = f,'' \ 'r$ +bc DLcoS6o-DFccs60 I x I 6 try Z!, =o - dr3)_ 2F1 =D 2f y = o s(O I C L9_ Eb 5";n\ E ' ,,gh} t/ tFy =o /-*' Er - EDt'n6o + E7 =o :)'ED = U_ =t.,{i\oN', (Co*prerner} S'n.6o €F^-o +-E,F 4J EDcos6.o=o =\,EF : plcos60= ln,ZFN(Tensior)' i' &i"I u *u^ /ur\''L (r elvon) , =c) 2 Fv=o -C r-- G /)o\n I \ \",?o l-t '{--4 *FU \ ?E ,1., 3K\\ --o + FL. .f D cos6o - fc ce86o- =<) FE + Fb cos6o - FC cos(o = 8 x x\ (t ou*1 ='@(co*Prr:'$orD z Fy -_o FDan 6o f C = 2",f --O ^.YG fG f FC s\n6o -8 6-tJD+De = s.ir'60
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P.oblem €.{+ --uoootbJt 1,----|5-11'--------r Jg_* b u I *rl ur , \P^". ... frC QD: FBD ,u.o'tt$t - hboo - tuo*\o6o(a) + BTllz) -c' €Cx tY =Q lc z7 --o - 87 ,f -> 2Fx=b -) _ c^ = t\Oo\b F€D,
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Unformatted text preview: ,." ro, ,l s:eerns CIKe o\r\f*r idea b r+cr* *,'s aeclicrr Bc ,*s"r laon'Y \\ole ) -' -, i, , , r^ - ..-Lr rJ,rnvrns\rtrrs in sc is a'rJ Tt^2 h Itoduce ' nuffbnc{unYtnourtt in rr\ rr z. d A i.,-- l\ '- ,k,cau9 lhe , i i ^v ^ f ,, , i & nt$oqrica$ anurilrer [oo ir {ftore \s ftr' A7'\ ' C*' ''d g) ty B , = laooo ..r_ \6oo tt-f =-/ \L- Zoosin6o +f =o-- ?.&arnGo-B7 = \73- \\tl Eb C* U o^10'it utA / (--{;€u\ l* i *cl'ron RC i vn ,*oto .i' "lH?, _+a- G Fx lry + ?ao cos60 =) €Y ,R =o Hn { soo %) Cu> + Ift ' [email protected](€) 2F1=o hr *'T soo$-) : o 2Fr=o Ay-+C1 -[oo(€) =o r Fx = Boo(tj- Cx:@ N olr, fl ern emb-rrt,r),en, o-ogre/ is {w, {4"} cn @ns ' .t$*+ $- d.rcech'* $o} 1ou dset^-r l* )q i'; J&e col"rPet = s"o(lfr) -'f...
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This note was uploaded on 10/03/2011 for the course ENGR 14 taught by Professor Ellenkuhl during the Spring '11 term at Stanford.

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Midterm2+Practice+Problems - " ro,l s:eerns CIKe...

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