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MT 2 practice Problem+6.33

MT 2 practice Problem+6.33 - \1'Skt'l(f.e,cnpcer,err;in\5...

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F.obtem 6-33 F/ tHs =o - ?D(q) ; l-oinl J CD 2Fy-o A/_ fr5 Af. = gFx =o FB- 5F, --'o f Fx.='t \ 3o I, t ffr rut'" Uu" 2o rJ b ?o ?O ll !o I .t17 2F1 =o ) 2Fy =o =i zoffi) f uo(rz) * E/(tL) =o tr; r-5F,.$\ Ax =o Fv t Yy = 3>+ zo+7o+ \ro = llb 'm?il-i LJ" -: I ZFx=o -.' JI=o 2F7 =o'5f,fi = BoKN (c.*qrwior) [3oKN .--+ tm rr troiol A JP-* r g__-+ Aft AB Jao* c 'ffin Jbi ot B erf gt\ eL,l + - Alcer,ggln\ 5 :O ry:x; =
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Unformatted text preview: \1'Skt'l (f.e,cnpcer,err) ;in\5 F)I.os \ b = 35Ks tR.6,",D--5 -rB - Zo + lftgintr5 =o TB = rn&inLS *zo: tshr{ F**D-) - q +Jficos LE=s -> TH = TAcq tt$ 2Fy =<> ->B r - B+\ xn !r5 = o -) j Bc - BA - E{\ cosbb =o Erterro! 2Fy =o f*u,*=,_,_.,-.- I Bc = BA iBli a"st, 5;- 5b f.N"ffiertai-onTl 'L:---%*". *'::.**___-_. .- , t...
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