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Phase+A+what+to+do+and+expect - mentor • Sign up for a...

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Phase A: What to do, what to expect Complete the phase A report answering the questions for phase A in the term paper guidelines BEFORE your mentor session Do the best job possible given the little you know (but you know something based on the presentation by Sean and Zach in class and the links provided on coursework) At the mentor meeting, present your answers, approach, and questions and discuss them with your fellow students and
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Unformatted text preview: mentor • Sign up for a tutor session with the TCP (instructions on coursework, open at 10:00 today) • Assuming you’ll complete your phase A report on time you’ll receive feedback from a TA or me for sure • To receive credit, you must: – Submit your phase A report on time (at the start of the mentor session) – Be at the entire mentor session and participate actively – Sign up and complete the TCP tutorial...
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