Recap+from+first+two+class+sessions+010411 - Why are we...

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Why are we only measuring safety, cost, and schedule performance during construction and then expect a high- value, energy-efficient building? t $, energy, CO 2 , human costs, etc. Facility Maintenance Cost Business Operations Cost Design- Construction Costs Value from Facility Building Operations Cost 1 2 4 3 5 1
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EXAMPLES OF METRICS RELATED TO INITIAL INVESTMENT (FIRST COST), LIFE CYCLE COST, AND FACILITY VALUE (c) 2009 2 First cost (related to initial investment, design and construction phase) Lifecycle cost (LCC)/Period -- 20, 30, or whatever # of years Lifecycle cost per value earned (e.g., per person-occupancy-hour, $ of profit, student educated, patient treated, …) Cost ($ or hours) First cost/sf LCC/sf LCC/value metric Energy (kBtu) Kwh construction/sf Kwh/sf Kwh/value metric CO2 (tons of CO2 equivalent) tCO2 embodied in the product (including CO2 from the production and transportation process) tCO2/sf tCO2/value metric Quality (% conformance to explicitly stated design intent,
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Recap+from+first+two+class+sessions+010411 - Why are we...

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