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Equity Ecology Economy are the project requirements, functions, or goals that drive …. The EEE Sustainability Constraints 4/13, Disney 4/15, Stanford Sustainability and Life-cycle Cost Guidelines Assignment 1
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F+V (S, Pg, M) + E (Rp, Vw, Pp / v, T) = I (#i, Qi) = NoK (CaB, Cc-s) = Success VALUE DEFINITION Stakeholder Desires Performance Goals Objectives & Metrics FRAMEWORK Relational Contract ENVIROMENT Right People Virtual World Proximity Transparency NETWORK OF KNOWLEDGE Connections across Boundaries Clarity of Customer Supplier Relationships INTERACTIONS Quantity Quality
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Unformatted text preview: + = = + THE MAGIC FORMULA OF INTEGRATED PROJECT DELIVERY (IPD) 2 Developed in collaboration with Dean Read and Atul Khanzode at DPR. 4/22, Ashcraft 3/30, Metrics 4/15, Stanford PDP 4/20, Macdadi Assignments 2, 4 4/18 LPCH Assignment 3 Projects are characterized by their product , organization , and process and their respective functions , forms , and behaviors Product Organization Process Function 3/30 Metrics 4/18, LPCH 4/20, MACDADI 4/13, Disney 4/22, Ashcraft Form 4/18, LPCH 4/1, Organization 4/22, Ashcraft 4/15, Stanford PDP Behavior Delta Design Game...
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Recap+Project+Organization+Topics - + = = + THE MAGIC...

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