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Design Construction last three digits of your SUID # 1. Project Organization and Phasing ($19,000) [Duration: 12 minutes, start: 9:01] Intent of the question: Appreciate the effects of uncertainty and variability (in this case introduced from a decision to overlap design and construction, a decision that has, of course, its justification) on key elements of the POP-FFB matrix, such as a key project team member (architect), key product behavior (cost). Combat the misconception in the industry that somehow things will go right and the project will turn out OK. It takes just a few things to go wrong for a project to cost 10, 20, 30% more or have a 30% longer duration or higher environmental impact. It takes a lot of things to go right for a project to be truly successful on all fronts, which requires significant management attention, which was not available or given on the Rincon Center project. This is possibly one of the most important points of managing projects that is not fully appreciated by project teams. Therefore, insufficient information management systems, process planning and control methods, management attention, etc. are set up, which then lead to projects that are not as successful as they could be. In chapter 9 (specifically on page 92), the project team concludes that the project needs to be fast-tracked. a) How does this change affect the sequencing of design and construction in comparison to the traditional, sequential method shown in Figure 1? Diagram the relationship of the design and construction phases with the fast track approach below Figure 1. ($2,000) Figure 1: Traditional phasing and project organization. 1
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last three digits of your SUID # b) In 20 words or less per sub-question, describe and explain the impact of fast tracking the project on ($3,000 per sub-question) a. The architect? i. Impact: Redesign work ii. Main reason for impact: Design has to be finished in stages for partial permits and construction starts b. The budget performance (i.e., the final cost)? i. Impact: Increase ii. Main reason for impact: Higher design costs, difficulty predicting all the construction costs of an incomplete design c. The budget conformance (i.e., the likelihood that the original budget will be met)? i. Impact: Final cost will likely be quite different ii. Main reason for impact: Unpredictability of design and construction costs c) On page 92, the author observes that “for those dates to work, everything would have to click perfectly.” Given your experience in the Parade of Trade game (dice game) you played in class on Wed., April 27, and the discussion about the game on Fri., April 29, how likely is it that everything will click? (check, highlight, or underline the statement that applies best) ($2,000)
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MidtermCEE100Spring2011+Solution+_3_ - last three digits of...

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