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Lab Talk Guidelines - of the protocol should be included o...

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Lab Talk Guidelines Length: ~15 minute presentation (MAX 20 minutes) Content: - Short background of your project - VERY SHORT summary of steps already performed and discussed in previous talk o NOTE: NOT applicable to the first presenters for each project group - Lab group progress o Present your work in a logical sequence (NOTE: may not be the actual sequence of events if you have started on side projects) o BE SURE to include ALL results from your group. This means, you should at least briefly be going over everything that your group has performed for the lab dates you are responsible for. o Often times there will be A LOT of information for you to discuss. Be sure you use your time wisely as the time will go by VERY quickly! o Important Progress Information: Experimental: NO need to go through every step of a standard protocol BUT project specific details and changes or significant observations at particular steps
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Unformatted text preview: of the protocol should be included. o In most cases, you should know/present some information as to why as well Results/Analysis/Discussion: • ALL results should be CLEARLY shown and/or described • Be sure to include details as to how you interpreted your results and what implications this had/has on what you had/have to do next Future work: • With what you know, what are your next SHORT TERM steps • AND what are some of the longer term steps you hope to achieve by the end of the term o The farther away a step is the broader it will be as you can’t be sure of all the obstacles along the way BUT be sure you touch on all the important steps For example: (NOTE: this example is of something you SHOULD NOT do. How come? If you cannot answer this or cannot fill in all of the blanks, please see me in my office hours or schedule an appointment so that we can discuss.)...
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Lab Talk Guidelines - of the protocol should be included o...

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