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Shamanism Lecture Notes - Patients and Healers September...

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Patients and Healers September 13, 2011 Religious Healing: Shamanism, Spirituality and Magic Introductory Video Clips of Psychic Surgery One is showing psychic surgery, the other is debunking it. Power of conviction that shapes the experiences in each context - One fully believes, the other is subjecting themselves to disproof No gloves = direct human contact - Bringing to life what some feel is only in the head Key elements of shamanic practice Manipulating symbols to stimulate belief - Essential to shamanism - Signal connection between shaman and connection between supernatural world Stimulating belief to effect cures - Secrecy - Magic - Charisma Intense charismatic potential Purposely stand apart from society Others see them as other - Fear - Empathy Shamanism: Earliest form of healing - When we first began to develop culturally
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- First global form of healing - Followed all human trajectories Origins in Siberia – 15,000 yrs ago. Spread west with migration across Bearing Sea to North and South America. Spread south and east to South Asia Global scope – with common structure but very different forms The Shamanic Complex: The shaman has a “calling” and experiences psychosomatic changes that give him/her vision and power. - Many times shamans have undergone trauma or near death experiences take perspective and apply to hearing practices Sick person who either gets well or doesn’t. Public who participate in the cure and experience intellectual and emotional satisfaction. - Exists within a social environment Usually there is a key symbol/feature that connects the shaman to a particular supernatural source of power - Dede Heya = hallucinogenic drugs Shamans Power Is able to communicate with spirits. Communicate with supernatural
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Shamanism Lecture Notes - Patients and Healers September...

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