Neolithic Part I

Neolithic Part I - • Population stress in Anatolia… •...

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September 22, 2011 Neolithic Part I Today’s Lecture Movement of Agriculture into Temperate Europe Mesolithic & Neolithic Communities Farming, Social Organization & Rising Complexity Big Questions Technology, language & genetics (diffusion) Defining ‘communities’ & ‘cultures’ Social complexity - scale & major shifts Large-scale ritual, monuments & ideology Key Domesticates by World Region Can show diffusion into the rest of the world Questions – Early Farming in Europe Diffusion from Southwest Asia…? o Independent Development…?
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Unformatted text preview: • Population stress in Anatolia…? • Early farming sites – favorable areas • C14 dating: --September 22, 2011 Wave of Advance Model – Cavalli-Sforza (1994) • Principal Component (PC) – molecular genetic variation • Farming dispersals & language movement (Colin Renfrew) • Indo-European Languages & Agriculture Bandkeramik (Danubian) Complex (5,300 BC) • C14 – agriculture stop-start process • Farming territories (500 acres)/ hamlets-farmsteads • Barley, einkorn, emmer wheat & flax/ crop rotation • Sheep, goats & dogs • Process of expansion – “frontier model...
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Neolithic Part I - • Population stress in Anatolia… •...

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