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Case Study 1 Case Study 1 Pavol Burinsky BC 306 Christopher S. Eley, M.B.A. Case Study 1: Manager’s dilemma January 18, 2011
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Case Study 2 The senior administrator willingly failed to pay his taxes in past five years which is illegal towards the country and unethical towards the company he works for. On the other hand there is a new applicant holds a criminal record from ten years ago which applies for an administrative job in that company. The senior administrator most likely didn’t mention his wrongdoing to the HR manager because of the fear of being fired. The senior manager might have been in situation or under circumstances that are unknown to us but could be crucial for him like family emergency or losing his house and such. However, his action of not paying taxes for consecutive five year is very wrong and if there was a mutual trust employee should have had said something. HR manager will need to take into the consideration the level and importance of the senior administrator in the company. Did he do anything else what would heart his profile or was he profitable part of this company? The company’s profile could be shaken because of the senior administrator conviction as he has frequent contact with the prospective customers and if
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Burinsky_studycase1 - Case Study 1 Case Study 1 Pavol...

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