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Week 7 Discussion Boards-Statistics and Probability-Grand Canyon University What are the inherent advantages of comparing the means of 2 populations using sample data?  Can we be sure that the comparison is accurate? Why or why not? Based upon the information I located the advantages of using sampling data is the considerable  savings in time and money that can result from collecting information from a much smaller  population. When sampling individuals, the reduced number of subjects that need to be  contacted may allow more resources to be devoted to finding and persuading nonresponders to  participate. The information collected using sampling is often more accurate, as greater effort  can be expended on the training of interviewers, more sophisticated and expensive  measurement devices can be used, repeated measurements can be taken, and more detailed  questions can be posed.  The variance decreases with a larger sample so that the sample mean 
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Unformatted text preview: is likely to be closer to the population mean. A group of workers on a manufacturing assembly line type information into a computer. They take a training class on how to use a computer, especially as related to data entry. You want to understand if the computer training was effective. How would you go about this, using statistical techniques? We would record each worker's effective output in terms of quantity/day and quality of the product produced by him before the training class; you measure the same parameters for each worker after the class and compare them. You might want to include other parameters to be likewise compared, such as reporting efficiency and inventory control and maintenance effectiveness, depending on the particular job being performed....
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