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Week 6 discussion boards If one study claimed 7 out of 8 people (88%) surveyed stated they were against gun  control and another study claimed 800 out of 1600 people (50%) were against gun  control, which result would you feel is more accurate in the sense of describing the  attitudes of the general population? Explain. I feel that the study which involved 1600 people has a more accurate result in the sense of describing the attitudes of the general population. The larger the sample of a study is the more accurate its results in describing the general population. As a matter of fact, a study including ALL population in the study is the most accurate of all. Think of a claim you have seen on television, the Internet, or the newspaper that you  believe is misleading. What are the hypotheses associated with it? What other 
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Unformatted text preview: information do you need before you decide if the claim is believable? Consider the advertisements of toothbrushes that claim to clean teeth better because of their special bristle structure. The hypothesis attached to it is that when compared to toothbrushes with flat bristle structure, these brushes clean teeth better. To establish this claim, we need to do a case-control study, with two groups of individuals, one using flat brushes, and another using the toothbrush of the specific brand. If after the study it is established that the new brushes indeed help clean teeth better, then the claims in the ad campaigns can be believed....
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