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everything we had #2 - Hist 110 December 9 2008 Everything...

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Hist 110 December 9, 2008 Everything We Had: A Summary Al Santoli’s Everything We Had is a collection of stories from thirty three Vietnam veterans who retell their experiences in a conflict that continues to be questioned for its purpose. Of the thirty three, I have selected six which particularly stand out as remarkable testaments of what our soldiers were put through. In “Ia Drang”, the author, Thomas Bird deliberately gets himself transferred to the infantry from a more secure job as a helicopter door gunner. He remembers both members of his new and former company saying “you're crazy man”. He recalls his first day on patrol walking by the airstrip when a member of his unit pointed out to him that he should get a couple pairs of boots that were sitting on the runway. When he got over there he noticed dog tags on the boots, bloody uniforms, connex boxes and on the other side of the boxes body bags. He says “I have never seen a dead American. It hit me like a ton of bricks because all of a sudden I realized what the hell was going on and where they were coming from.” This represents the desire then despair of “green men” quite vividly. Later in his story he tells about how his hatred for Vietnamese men grew immensely to the point where he began punching a P.O.W. The P.O.W. Just took the abuse and grinned at him. He says that he saw that grin on the face of every Vietnamese man and he was always suspicious of the ARVN forces around him. Mike Beamon was a Navy SEAL in Vietnam assigned to classified covert
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everything we had #2 - Hist 110 December 9 2008 Everything...

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