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everything we had #3 - Everything We Had: A Summary Al...

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Everything We Had : A Summary Al Santoli’s Everything We Had is a compilation of stories from 33 men and women who served in and survived the Vietnam War. Their varying backgrounds and roles within the war provide different aspects for which to understand the courage and sacrifice of the people who fought in that controversial war. Out of the 33 stories told, I have chosen six whose experience I feel best represent American efforts in the war, and that can convey to the readers the hardships and feelings of the U.S. soldiers. Mike Beamon was a Navy SEAL in Vietnam assigned to classified covert operations. In his story “The Green-Faced Frogmen”, Beamon explains some of the operations he was assigned to as a part of the Phoenix Program, which was a very carefully designed program to disrupt the infrastructure of the Viet Cong village system. This involved going into the heart of Viet Cong strongholds that no American had ever been to. Many of the missions that were carried out were highly dangerous and morally questionable in nature such as kidnappings and assassinations. Although Beamon describes himself as a non-violent person who cannot stand the sight of blood, as a SEAL he was a part of one of the most ruthless facets of the American forces, responsible for killing a countless number of people. The war changed him into someone that he did not want to or intend to be. William Lawrence writes about his experience as a downed pilot in North Vietnam where
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everything we had #3 - Everything We Had: A Summary Al...

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