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everything we had #4 - Hist 110 12/14/05 Everything We Had...

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Hist 110 12/14/05 Everything We Had paper Everything We Had is a book with stories told by thirty-three men and women who actually fought in the Vietnam War, and this book chronicles their experiences. There are six men that truly epitomize the Vietnam War within the stories they tell, and six more that back up these feelings. Robert Santos, teller of “My Men” and “A Book of Poetry”, describes how it was very difficult for things to make sense to him, such as new guys walking point or the way medals were conferred upon men. He always tried to walk point with the new guy to put the new guy at ease. No matter what he always tried to find the good in war, as shown when he carried around a VC book of poetry in hopes that he might find the person that the poetry was written for. Robert Rawls, teller of “A Black GI”, discusses how in Vietnam there was just fire fight after fire fight, and he never knew where he was. He also frequently asked himself, “What is our purpose for being here?” When he returned from the war he knew that he was a changed man, but he couldn’t talk to his wife about it because she would never understand. The only way in which he could let his feelings out was with his rap group, which consisted of a group of Vietnam veterans discussing their feelings. Jonathan Polansky, speaker of “Underground City” and “Lang Co Village”, first
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everything we had #4 - Hist 110 12/14/05 Everything We Had...

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