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Everything we had essay #1 - 1 American Military History...

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1 American Military History Final Essay 2 Al Santoli Everything We Had Al Santoli’s Everything We Had is a compilation of stories from 33 men and women who served in the Vietnam War in various capacities, and lived to tell their tales. Their stories cover many different aspects of a war whose merit and purpose is still being debated. Out of all these stories, I have selected six which I feel best represent American efforts in the war, and convey to the readers the hardships and feelings of the U.S. soldiers. The first account is that of Michael Beamon, a Navy SEAL during the war. During his story, “The Green Faced Frogman”, he explains how he was assigned to operations such as the Phoenix Program, which dealt with sensitive situations involving mercenaries who were freed from prisons in order to capture weapons they could bring in. Many of the missions that were carried out were highly illegal in nature such as kidnappings and assignations that were set up to look as though the Viet Cong had done them. One thing that stands out in the account is how Beamon describes himself as a non-violent person, yet he was part of an elite group of soldiers know for their ruthlessness, and was responsible for killing in cold blood on more than one occasion. The contradictions between his feelings and actions are representative of the contradiction within the entire conflict. Gayle Smith explained her role as a nurse in Binh Thuy, in “The Nurse with Round
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Everything we had essay #1 - 1 American Military History...

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