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MIS 111 Final Exam Professionalization in the U.S. Army, 1865-1917 - during war lionized during peace deemed unnecessary and a drain on economy. Navy was minimized significantly, pulled out of south in 1877 (26,000 men total), had trouble with the Indian nations in the west. Badly needed a reform. William T. Sherman was a huge supporter of the military schools and also the military service institution which helped play a lead role in lobbying for the army’s needs. In 1903 creation of a general staff to coordinate and supervise all facets of the Army’s activities. Emory Upton new that a highly trained and professional army would be more effective. Made progress towards becoming a professional army through the service schools, small unit fighting formations, practical field exercises, and indirect fire artillery exercises. White Victory in Indian Wars, 1965-1890 - over 1,000 separate engagements, southern plains Indians were the first to resist and suffer a defeat (the red river war pushed the Sioux to their new location in Oklahoma), the Sioux in Wyoming defeated Custer but were soon forced back to their territories. Geronimo led Apache Indians against the army. Last incident occurred in 1890 in S. Dakota at wounded knee creek when a group of Sioux moved off of their territory and ran into the army. Trapdoor spring field, Krag-Jorgenson, 1903 springfield, Garand M1 - In 1873 the trapdoor remained the standard infantry shoulder weapon for 20 years, used to fight the Indians, would jam when used too many times. In 1893 the Krag-Jorgenson rifle which fired smokeless cartridges, 5 shot, .30-caliber, repeating bolt action rifle, first rifle to use a magazine. The 1903 springfield rifle was used in the early 20 th century but was soon replaced by the Garand M1 in 1936 which was a semi-automatic rifle which was used in WWII and Korean war. Naval War College
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MiltHist_IDs1 - MIS 111 Final Exam Professionalization in...

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