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With the old breed summary - American Miltary History With...

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American Miltary History With the Old Breed Chapter Summary Chapter 1-Making of a Marine - E.B. Sledge enlists in Marine Corps. In December, 1942. He is at Marion Military Institute. - Then went to college at George Tech for a year, and deliberately failed out in order to enroll in the army and experience real fighting action. - Got a month off, and then went to training in San Diego, so they would be ready Peleliu. - Boot camp let by Drill Instructor Doherty, they were put in platoon 984. - They drilled on beaches, sand made it tough to move, and would repeat drills that men would inevitably fail at. The recruits could never call their rifles their gun. - Days went from 0400-2200, revilre until taps. However, could be woken at any time for rifle inspection, close-order drill, or a run. Sometimes they were forced to change huts at a moments notice, with all of their stuff. - Got rifles, and received instructions so everyone learned the exact same way. Accuracy was most important and then safety followed closely. The author ended up winning a sharpshooters badge. - They completed their boot camp on Dec. 24 th 1943. Doherty told him that he was in the M1 rifle infantry M1 division. In camp Elliot. Sledge disliked the drill instructor but respected him. Chapter 2- Preparation for Combat - Spent first few days at camp Elliot in lectures learning about the different guns. 37mm antitank gun, 81mm mortar, 60mm mortar, .50 caliber machine fun, .30 caliber heavy and light machine guns, and the Browning Automatic Rifle BAR. -
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With the old breed summary - American Miltary History With...

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