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Leo Spornstarr Ms. Shwom 26 September 2010 Freshman Seminar BP Oil: Socially Responsible or Not? Ever since the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico started, there has been constant criticism that British Petroleum, BP, is an irresponsible company for allowing a tragedy of this nature occur. Between analyzing both the company’s website itself and reports from other reputable news sources, it appears that BP is responding to the crisis and is a socially responsible institution. BP’s site is filled with graphs, charts, and actual numbers showing how many workers have been deployed to the region to assist in cleanup, how much oil has been cleaned up so far, and how many aircrafts and ships have been used to aid the cleanup. There are numerous videos from both BP executives and community members attesting to the actions being taken by BP in the gulf region. These videos contain images and reactions by individuals that are sincere and powerful, all of which support the idea that BP is a socially responsible company. In a speech recently given by Iain Conn, the chief executive of the BP refining and marketing offices, he takes full responsibility for the incident: “ As one of the responsible parties, and operator,
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BP Essay - Leo Spornstarr Ms Shwom 26 September 2010...

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