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Excerpt number 1. The author did thorough research before writing about this topic. I would consider him to be an “expert” so to say in this field… if this is really a field. Nothing particularly qualifies him per se, but he did ample research will gives him an amount of credibility regarding what he is writing about. He got much of his information from newspaper articles as well as specifically from a personal interview with Sudhir who was actually involved in the drug trade. He gains credibility by choosing reputable sources. He also does a good job contrasting what he believes is real and what he believes isn’t real.
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Unformatted text preview: His knowledge is evident because of the way he manages to provide such a clear and smooth perspective on the issue. Overall he seems to have a strong sense and understanding of exactly what he is writing about. The fact that he picked an extremely specific topic to write about potentially gives him even more authority because I mean come on, who would ever actually do research upon why drug dealers live with their mother. To be able to write a 25 page paper on a subject is quite skillful....
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