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Paragraph and Argument in favor - This article discusses...

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Unformatted text preview: This article discusses some of the positive and negative characteristics of Wikipedia. The author asks the essential question: “If Wikipedia is so bad that we caution our students not to use it for academic work, how can it be so good that much of what you need to know is found there?” This question is the inspiration for the remainder of the article. The first positive aspect of Wikipedia that he mentions is its “currency”. If you want to learn about “folksonomy” you cannot find it in Britannica, but Wikipedia has an article about that topic. It also adds pages regarding current events quickly, such as the Asian Tsunami or Hurricane Katrina. However, he goes on to explain how Wikipedia can be viewed as a dumbing down of academia because no longer do you have to consult with experts when it comes to an issue. In the end, he concludes however, that a compromise between academia and Wikipedia must occur. Wikipedia is “simply amazing in its detail, currency, and accuracy”; however, there is also “shallow thinking, debates...
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