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Unformatted text preview: Leo Spornstarr Barbara Shwom Freshman Seminar 19 October 2010 Quoting Stuff Paraphrasing A study done by Hewlett-Packard research labs revealed some interesting information regarding high- quality Wikipedia articles. These characteristics include articles that have cooperation within the discussion boards between the collaborators, a high number of edits, and a variety of different editors. We have shown that the high-quality articles in Wikipedia are distinguished from the rest by a larger number of edits and distinct editors, having carefully controlled for article visibility, popularity, and age. Furthermore, we demonstrated more intense patterns of cooperation in the high-quality articles than in other articles. These findings are in contrast to observations of cooperative efforts in other domains where result quality does not necessarily increase with the number of collaborators. While we did not explore the question of how Wikipedia succeeds where other large collaborative ventures fail, possible...
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