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Reserach Essay Ideas - other “legitimate” sources of...

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Leo Spornstarr Ms. Shwom Freshman Seminar 3 October 2010 Essay Topics 1. Should Wikipedia be considered a legitimate source for citing in research papers? A. The best way to approach an essay about this is to first pick some very unique, random facts from Wikipedia and then cross reference them with several other sources to assess their accuracy. B. Conduct a poll of students about who uses Wikipedia as a source in their essays whether or not they cite it officially and if/how often they have received inaccurate information. C. A thorough analysis of how Wikipedia goes about gathering the information on each of the pages and how easy it would be to manipulate this information. D. The accuracy of Wikipedia according to experts or critics, and why they believe what they do. E. I will mainly, if not solely approach this from only internet sources as Wikipedia is most likely not written about in any books. F. Scientific studies have been performed about how accurate Wikipedia is compared to
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Unformatted text preview: other “legitimate” sources of information. 2. Should professional athletes be paid as much as they currently are? A. The best way to look at this is to compare the performance of the players versus the salaries they are making both in current time and in older times and see if they are worth their weight in gold, literally. B. Mostly this would involve putting a price on the stats of different players in various to sports. C. Suggest new ways as to how to pay athletes a more reasonable amount D. Look at essays and critics and see what they say about salaries E. Compare the salaries of these individuals to those in other fields. F. See what the players, the owners, the coaches, and the fans have to say about this issue. G. This has been a topic of argument over the past few years so there will most likely be books about the issue as well as websites. H. How salaries have altered overtimes throughout various sports...
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Reserach Essay Ideas - other “legitimate” sources of...

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