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Wikipedia Annotated Bibliograph (2) - Leo Spornstarr...

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Leo Spornstarr Barbara Shwom Freshman Seminar 12 October 2010 Annotated Bibliography Anthony, Denise, Sean Smith, and Tim Williamson. The Quality of Open Source Production: Zealots and Good Samaritans in the Case of Wikipedia . Rep. Dartmouth College, 2007. Print. These researchers have performed an in depth analysis of the contributors of Wikipedia. They compare registered users to random people, their frequency of contributions, and what is the quality of the edits they perform. Giles, Jim. "Internet Encyclopedias Go Head to Head." Nature 438 (2005): 900-01. Print. This article compares Wikipedia and Encyclopedia Brittanica in a head to head battle. It determines that the quality of Wikipedia articles are just as close, if not better, then the equivalent Britannica entry. It is among the most well-known comparisons between Wikipedia and traditional encyclopedia sources. "Reliability of Wikipedia." Wikipedia, the Free Encyclopedia . Web. 12 Oct. 2010. <>.
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Wikipedia Annotated Bibliograph (2) - Leo Spornstarr...

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