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CVEN 444 Assignment 10 due 7/2/03 The assignment will be review problems and will not be covered in class. Use an engineering format and be neat! 1. Design a doubly reinforced concrete beam to handle M u = 380 k-ft f c = 5 ksi and f y =60 ksi. Assume that the weight of the beam has been included in the ultimate moment. Check that the beam has met the ACI standard. Sketch the final design. Use b= 0.5d. Use a compression steel, A’
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Unformatted text preview: s = 0.4-0.5 A net . You may want to use a double layer of steel. 2. Design a T-beam with a length of L 1 = 18-ft and spacing between beam, L=8 ft. The beam must be designed to handle a positive moment of 200 k-ft and a negative moment of 300 k-ft (assume the weight of the beam is included in the moments) with a maximum depth of 24-in and slab thickness of 3 in. Use f c = 5 ksi and f y =60 ksi....
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