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CVEN 444 Assignment 13 due 7/16/03 The assignment will be review problems and will not be covered in class. Use an engineering format and be neat! 1. For a 28-ft simply supported beam (b=16 and d=26.5 in) with 8#8 bars (2 layers) and f c =4-ksi and f y = 60-ksi, carrying uniform loads of w D =1.5 k/ft and w L =3.0 k/ft. Draw the moment capacity envelope if total of 4-bars are terminated (2 at a time) and calculate theoretical cutoff locations, actual cutoff locations, development length, moment capacity of a bar and verify the beam will satisfy the design and meet ACI standards. 2. Design the compression lap splice for a column section 16-in. x 16-in.
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Unformatted text preview: reinforce with 8 #10 bars equally spaced around all faces a. Given f c = 5-ksi and f y =60-ksi b. Given f c = 7-ksi and f y =80-ksi 3. A simply supported uniform loaded beam carries a total factored load of 4.8 k/ft (this includes the beam weight) on a clear span of 34-ft, f c =3-ksi and f y = 40-ksi. Assume that the supports are 12-in wide and assume the bars are available in 30-ft lengths a. Design a rectangular beam (tension steel only) b. Determine bar cutoffs. c. Locate splices and determine lap length....
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