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assignment14 - c = 4 ksi f y = 60 ksi b= 14-in h= 28-in and...

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CVEN 444 Assignment 14 due 7/18/03 The assignment will be review problems and will not be covered in class. Use an engineering format and be neat! 1. Determine the length of the top and bottom bars for the external span of the continuous beam. The concrete is normal weight and the bars are Grade 60. The total uniformly distributed “factored” gravity load on the beam is w u = 6.5 k/ft (including self-weight). The beam has an f
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Unformatted text preview: c = 4 ksi, f y = 60 ksi, b= 14-in., h= 28-in. and concrete cover=1.5-in. a. Determine the singly reinforce beam needed for external beams for both the positive and negative moments. b. Draw the shear and bending moment diagrams for the beam and determine the amount of steel need for bending. Use the ACI code to find your moments. Hint: There are more than one set of bending moment diagrams....
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