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CVEN 444 Assignment 19 due 8/4/03 The assignment will be review problems and will not be covered in class. Use an engineering format and be neat! The section of a short tied column is 16 x 24 in. and is reinforced with 8 #10 bars as shown. Determine the allowable ultimate load on the section φ P n if its acts at e x = 8 in. and e y = 12 in. Use f c = 5 ksi and f y = 60 ksi. Note: the P nx ny include the corner steel bars in both calculations a more conservative solution would be
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Unformatted text preview: to use 1/2 the steel in each direction so A s = 2(1.27 in 2 ) which would reduce P u . (Remember f s can not be greater than 60 ksi, so that P nx = 620.3 k and P ny = 578.4 k P n = 360.7 k and P u = 234.5 k ) Go back and prove the numbers for the last assumption for biaxial loaded column Determine the load capacity of the column, if the eccentric loading is at e x = 5.5 in. and e y = 8 in. and f c = 4 ksi and f y = 60 ksi...
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