2-17 - a false Bonferroni Correction Bonferroni ∝ of...

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2 17 2011 Case Study 0502 Multiple means – f-test – ANOVA Full model – everything is there Reduced model – group things together that answer another question FULL MODEL: Separate Means model – case 0502, seven total groups REDUCED MODEL: Two Groups (Spock vs. others) How do we group? It depends on the question. NULL Hypothesis: H 0 : Reduced= Full H A : Reduced is too much F = ∆SSE∆dfMSEfull Wilcoxon Rank Sum test – similar to overall F-test (the f-statistic) Compare Means – Each Pair Student’s t Potential problem with all the means: the Alpha = 0.05: 5% of the significant things will not be significant. 1/20 chance of finding
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Unformatted text preview: a false Bonferroni Correction: Bonferroni: ∝# of comparisons = . 0 0521 = 0.0023 NOTE: Most common mistake: Not correct for multiple comparisons. Tukey: All pairs, means comparison Best: Dunnett’s: Control, difference from a control group Example: Lowest A B C D E highest A = B, B = C, A ≠ C C = D = E Homework 6 5.23 analyze FIT y by x. All the means are the same because the F Ratio is significant. [Following is not needed] All possible differences. Tukey. LSD: Stands for least significant difference. Remember: The student test doesn’t correct for the alpha, where as the tukey test does. A...
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2-17 - a false Bonferroni Correction Bonferroni ∝ of...

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