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Unformatted text preview: the mean and median. ( %e di#erence 5.13 – 3.99 = 1.14 Example: Interpretation If we take e (the base of the natural logarithms) to the (5.13 – 3.99 =) 1.14 power, we "nd the ratio of the amount of rainfall of the seeded clouds to the unseeded clouds ( exp(1.14) = 2.7182821.14 = 3.14 ( Our best estimate is over three times as mu! rainfall Unseeded: 3.99 (estimates the center of the unseeded clouds on the log scale) Log Transformations Log Relationships ( ( ( log (ab) = log a + log b log (a/b) = log a - log b log (an) = n log a Log Transformations (cont.) Log transformation on one group of data ( Positively skewed data ( Log transformation makes the distribution more symmetric ( %e mean and median are equal for symm...
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