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Unformatted text preview: etric distributions, ( ( i.e., mean[log(Y)] = median[log(Y)] Since the log transformation preserves ordering, median[log(Y)] = log[median(Y)] (typo in book) %erefore, mean[log(Y)] = log[median(Y)] Mean (log(Y)) ~ log (median(Y)) Log Transformations (cont.) Log transformation on two groups of data ( Positively skewed data ( Log transformation makes the distribution more symmetric ( Let Z1 = mean[log(Y1)] = log[median(Y1)] ( Let Z2 = mean[log(Y2)] = log[median(Y2)] %en Z2 - Z1 = log[median(Y2)] - log[median(Y1)] !"#$%&(Y2 ) = log !"#$%&(Y1 ) CHAPTER 3 !e End 34...
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