Transformation normal probability plots side by side

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Unformatted text preview: ical methods to determine transformation Normal probability plots Side-by-side box plots Dot plots !e Next Two Slides Slide one indicates how mu! the p-values !ange when the data are not normal Slide two indicates how mu! the p-values !ange when the standard deviations are not the same Either perform a transformation or GOTO Chapter 4 Log of the Median: mu(sub log) with M (sub log) = log (median) from the original data Example: Log Transformations %e means of the (natural) log rainfall data are ( Unseeded: 3.99 (estimates the center of the unseeded clouds on the log scale) ( Seeded: 5.13 (estimates the center of the data of the seeded clouds on the log scale) ( Both distributions (on the log scale) appear to be symmetric, therefore, the center approximately equals both...
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