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Bio 1201 notes1

Bio 1201 notes1 - How do bonds influence the polarity of a...

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How do bonds influence the polarity of a molecule o molecules which contain ionic bonds will be polar o molecules which contain polar covalent bonds will be polar,(with just a few exceptions) o to get a mole, find the atomic mass; atomic mass=one mole Ionic bonds aren’t the strongest bonds when put in water, tend to come apart by themselves Buffers: substances that maintain a constant pH- sensitive to pH Organic molecules: complex molecules containing a carbon-carbon bond o Composed largely of C,H,O,N (S,P) The concept that molecules will come apart when placed in water; they will dissociate; break up into constituent ions; NaCl dissociates to o Na+ and Cl- when placed in water How a molecule dissociates determines how we refer to it; has a sphere over the element when disassociated o How it dissociates is how we determine if it is an acid, base, or solid Acids produce hydrogen ions (H+) o HCl --> H+ and Cl- Bases produce hydroxide ions (OH-) Salts produce neither… Measure of the hydrogen ion concentration H stands for hydrogen, caps letter
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