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bio 1201 notes4 - o Facilitated diffusion • Diffusion o...

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Membrane Permeability: o Size and shape of molecules Small molecules are more permeable then large molecules o Solubility in lipids Base layer is soluble lipid; permeable to membrane o Net electric charge Charged polar not soluble or permeable to membrane o Other chemical properties Water always freely permeable Polar; not lipid soluble but still freely permeable Cystic Fibrosis: o Predominant in some human populations o Genetic disorder o Gene 7 th chromosome o Treated but not cured o Affects sweat glands, impacts Cl- movement, fertility, mucus build up in lungs and digestive tract o Thick mucus in the lungs o Causes breathing problems and increase lung infection Cause: non-functional Cl- ion transporter What is the chloride ion channel in individuals with Cystic Fibrosis? (CFTR)
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Unformatted text preview: o Facilitated diffusion • Diffusion: o Physical property of matter o Individual molecules move randomly, but the net effect in non-random o The force that moves them: G=H-TS (Free energy) o After breaking down: G=-S o Example: On which side do the molecules have greater free energy? • The right side, less molecules, they will move towards the right What will happen if the molecules can move? • Net movement? • Energy change • Osmosis: o The net movement of water across (through) a semi-permeable membrane • Terminology of Solutions: o Hypertonic: more concentrated o Isotonic: equal concentration o Hypotonic: Less concentrated...
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bio 1201 notes4 - o Facilitated diffusion • Diffusion o...

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