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Membrane Permeability - size and shape of molecules small molecules are more permeable then large molecules solubility in lipids Net electric charge if its charged its polar, polar is not liquid soluble, not permeable to the membrane Water is always freely permeable to the membrane Cystic Fibrosis o Predominint in some human populations o Genetic Disorder o Gene 7th Chromosome o Treated but not cured o Affects the sweat-glands, facility o Impacts Cl- movement o Mucus Buildup in lungs Diffusion o physical property of matter o Individual molecules move randomly
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Unformatted text preview: o What is the force that moves them? G=H-TS (Free Energy) after breaking down : G=-S Example: On which side do the molecules have greater free energy? the right side, less molecules, they will move towars the right What will happen if the molecules can move? Net Movement? Energy Charge? • Osmosis o The net movement of water across (through) a semi-permeable membrane. • Terminology Of Solutions o Hypertonic : More Concentrated o Isotonic : Equal Concentration o Hypotonic : Less Concentration...
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