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bio 1201 notes8 - o What does the structure of DNA tell you...

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Where did most of the mass (dry weight) of this tree come from? 1. Sun 2. Air 3. Soil Molecular Basis of Inheritance? o What is the structure of the genome? Chromosome and DNA structure o How is the genome copied? DNA replication o What is the genome used for? Protein synthesis Chromosome structure: o Eukaryotic chromosome structure DNA (linear molecule) Histone proteins DNA replication involves making ______ from DNA: o Protein o DNA (trickyyy!!) o RNA o rRNA DNA replication occurs in ______ mechanism: o Liberal o Dispersive
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o Conservative o Semi-Conservative Ultimately the information in DNA is used to make o Proteins o Lipids o Carbohydrates DNA structure: o Four nucleotides o Complementary base pairing (hydrogen bonds) o Double helix o Anti-parallel backbones How is DNA copied? o How do you make exact copies?
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Unformatted text preview: o What does the structure of DNA tell you about how to copy it? o Replication o Semi-conservative; have original piece of DNA, bonds in the backbones are all polar/polar covalent bonds; bonds with the sugar and phosphates are strong bonds, in the backbone • DNA replication: o Begins at many origins o Strands must separate and unwind Helicase(unwinding; separates strands of protein), Topoisomerases, and SSB proteins (single strand binding; (keeps strands apart once separated) o Add primer Primase; builds the primer; primer is made out of RNA nucleotides, instead of DNA nucleotides Built in a particular direction 5’ 3’ (anti-parallel) o Perform replication DNA polymerase; makes DNA Fuse sections; DNA ligase...
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bio 1201 notes8 - o What does the structure of DNA tell you...

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