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Cy Plan 114 Lecture 3 VMT - people drive more when they have more to spend - public transit – service provision/ service cuts - percentage growth of transit is high Work vs. Non Work Trips - 41% of VMT in 1969, now 15% - Average work trip longer in distance - Work trips happen at predictable times - Work trips have increase with job growth outpacing population growth, women’s workforce participation increased - Work trips anchor other trips/ lots of congestion/ 40% peak not work related - Extra 10% that is on road during peak flow Summary - commuting now occurs mostly between suburbs and within central cities - non work travel has become more dominant and both work and non work trips less concentrated during “rush hour” - suburbanization is inexorable but patterns are place specific; travel outcomes vary - policies seem to play a role in differences among cities/ countries in auto use, but
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Unformatted text preview: history of economic may be more important Key Concepts in Transportation Planning-Mobility vs. accessibility (getting there quickly vs. how many ways they can get there) o Cars vs. persons (you can go and how quickly to get where you want to go)-Suburbanization is urbanization-Travel as a “derived demand” /they don’t travel to travel, but to get where they want to go-“long run” and “short run” responses by individuals/ households and firms o Hanson ex: effects of transportation infrastructure vs. effects of land use patterns-Monocentric model of a city; polycentric urban areas; central cities and suburbs-Travel modes; travel purpose = how you get around, why you are traveling -Freight, personal, and work travel Freight - network is important/ get there faster/ transportation enables...
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