Cy Plan 114 Lecture 4 - Cy Plan 114 Lecture 4 Does...

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Cy Plan 114 Lecture 4 Does Transportation Determine How and Where Cities Grow? (Muller) - People like to be near each other - Need for self-defense and protection/ trades people banded together for security/ cities were fortified - Access to trade routes (freight) - Evolution of production (industry) and social structures o These affect the nature of business and personal interactions o Used to be piece work (put together at home) assembly line required people to be in same place - Transportation technology and infrastructure interact with all of these o Firms cluster for cheaper, higher quality goods/ transportation enables densification not sprawl/ we think it spreads, but it does opposite too How important is Transportation? - travel cost (primarily time) is impediment to interaction - desire for proximity changes but always remains in some form - transportation costs have decreased over time and enabled other factors to dictate the form of the metropolis (not dictated by how close anymore) A Broad Brush “Form Not Substance” - manufacturing and industry came in so people wanted to sell out - mixed use/ separation of home and work/ mass production - 1945 majority of US houses owned cars - declining density
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Cy Plan 114 Lecture 4 - Cy Plan 114 Lecture 4 Does...

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