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Cy Plan 114 Lecture 5

Cy Plan 114 Lecture 5 - Cy Plan 114 Lecture 5 Induced...

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Cy Plan 114 Lecture 5 Induced Demand not to build road/ just going to have more ppl driving on them/ econ benefit if ppl do more and just as congested, but someone is benefitting Business - Gen Giuliane speaks @ 5:30 pm in the Faculty Club on “What’s Wrong with US Public Transit Policy?” The Post-Auto City Cities Early 1900s - new limits on city size: freight trans and solid waste disposal - primary agriculture to primary urban/ service production is now dimensional Major Technological Innovations playing a role - #1: mass manufacturing of the automobile o MI: interval combustion engine o Invented 1860 mass marketed in 1894, affordable by 1908, assembly line 1914 - #2,3,4: Advanced road surfaces, cheaper housing construction, decentralized power – start to have electricity far from city and still have power - Asphalt and concrete, balloon framed housing House Construction - balloon easier to build became cheaper/ car further to new land to build house The Impacts of Autos and Trucks (1) -
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  • Spring '11
  • Chapman
  • Automobile, Sustainable transport, Public Transit Policy, cheaper housing construction, Post WWI Suburbanization

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