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CY Plan 120 Lecture 1

CY Plan 120 Lecture 1 - social security transportation and...

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CY Plan 120 Lecture 1 Universal design- design that eliminates or reduces different kinds of limitation; does in a way that does not limit access, but allows access to everyone - It is an evolving concept to make the environment more disabled friendly Ex: landscape architecture that provides for the disabled without have to directly say so such as ramps Ex2: showers without lip Intro to Course - will be coving disabled policy and examples of policies in action - most policy is from the 1970s so it is fairly recent - Americans with Disabilities Act is only 20 years old - There are disabled programs for in departments for veterans, labor, health,
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Unformatted text preview: social security, transportation, and justice Hidden disability- mental illness, chronic conditions, head injuries-a disability that is not initially recognizable -more men are coming back from war with psychological injuries than loss of limbs Schedule for Class 1. Demographics- who is disabled and what is defined as disabled 2. Building Access- field assignment 3. Transportation 4. Housing- first floors now have access to a bathroom 5. Emergency Preparedness 6. Employment- policy...
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