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Cy Plan 120 Lecture 5

Cy Plan 120 Lecture 5 - Cy Plan 120 Lecture 5 Announcements...

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Cy Plan 120 Lecture 5 Announcements - John Mooney is coming to the Alumni House the 29 th of September from 12-2 - Mark Smith will be coming to talk about ADA Building and Access codes/ he will be giving the checklist for the class field work - Paul Hypolitus will be speaking about National Disability Policy - Lewis Kraus, Mitch La Plante, Jan Garrett will be coming to discuss how business adapt to ADA requirements. Experience includes working for the Center for Assistant Services and Director fore Center of Independent Living. - Ray Lifchez is a pioneer in accessible living. He will also discuss civil rights and disability access. - Schedule will be rearranged to accommodate the speakers. Broad Timeline of How Disability Policy has progressed over Time in the U.S. - the disability policy is still changing - themes are more important than specific dates - 1800’s – there was very little policy before now. Schools opened for the deaf. In Hartford, Connecticut, there were breakthroughs in specialized services for the teaching of deaf students. These were separate schools. - 1850 the Perkins Institute open and this began the institutionalizing of people with mental illnesses.
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