Cy Plan 120 Lecture 9 - Cy Plan 120 Lecture 9 Guest...

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Cy Plan 120 Lecture 9 Guest Speaker: Paul Hippolitus - He worked in DC from 1971-2006 as Director of Programs for Unemployed Disabled/ evolved to become a part of the Department of Labor/ permanent place in cabinet for disabled to be discussed and addressed - Now Director is for the Cal Disabled Student Program Berkeley is a historical place for higher education for people with disabilities. Only a handful of schools had programs for disabled students before laws required it. - Ed Roberts, a student at Cal in the 60s who suffered from post polio paralysis, posed a challenge to UC Berkeley with its hills and old buildings. With his persuasion and passion, he moved the university to change and look at issues for students with disabilities. There is now an official Ed Roberts Day in California. Part of its importance is that teachers in elementary schools will be encouraged to have lessons about Ed Roberts and all that he accomplished for the disabled as well as the history of the disabled movement on that day. Ed Roberts took the Center for Independence first national and then international. Money - There is a large budget (I think he said 1.2 billon?) for the DSP through outside funding and contracts and through the UC. The University pays for all the mandated services and uses the rest of the money to pay for additional services no required by law. Mandated Programs - These are primarily classroom focused. These are things such as hearing assistance, note takers, auditory processing devices, etc. -
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Cy Plan 120 Lecture 9 - Cy Plan 120 Lecture 9 Guest...

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