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Cy Plan 120 Lecture 17

Cy Plan 120 Lecture 17 - pretty good sense In theory if...

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Cy Plan 120 Lecture 17 “Personal Assistance Services” Look to LaPlante’s Powerpoint for the slide information. Informal services- help provided by a family, friend, or neighbor Formal services- hired and paid help Berkeley Independent Living- people might need technologies, but does not mean it has to be an impediment to their lifestyle Some people may think of a PAS as a personal assistant, but this is not the case. They assist with everyday activities. Guttman- few social measures that look like Guttman scale so it is rarely used. Measuring need for LTSS- the score tells need/ measure not perfect, but does give a
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Unformatted text preview: pretty good sense. In theory, if someone can answer the highest question, then they will be able to answer the rest. Kids develop in reverse order of ADL need hierarchy. The ADL hierarchy is eating, walking, bathroom, dressing, and bathing. Age natural digression, but being shot in the back is an abrupt change. A person will still have all the cognitive ability; however, they will need helping dressing. Olmsted-if people want to live @ home, state has to help make it happen-Obama administration is pushing for states to shorten their waiting lists and get people into independent living...
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