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Cy Plan 120 Lecture 18

Cy Plan 120 Lecture 18 - 10 Pacific ADA Centers –...

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Cy Plan 120 Lecture 18 “Does PAS figure into emergency preparedness plan?” For slides, look at powerpoint on bspace. Americans with Disabilities Act 1991 Public entities need to provide access to disabled people. Shelters are public entities. Need Health care providers could not get to their clients after 9/11. Katrina- evacuated people did not have their supplies/ many shelters not prepared for disabled people. The disabled people were put into institutions. It was hard for them to get out after. Findings Many think that only trained professionals or nurses can provide the services. People are still thinking about segregated shelters.
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Unformatted text preview: 10 Pacific ADA Centers – confidential phone calls How many people in US with disability? 51 – 54 million Americans have disabilities Civil rights law has no money attached to them. They are unfunded mandates. It does not cause money not to discriminate against race, but to not discriminate against disabled people it costs money. Everyone had to comply, but come up with the money themselves. If state law gives you more rights than the federal law, then the state law takes precedence. Title 1 Employment, Title 2 state and local government, Title 3 private entities, also Title 4 and 5 ADA grassroots law...
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