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Cy Plan 120 Lecture 20 Raymond Lifchez - Architect in Manhattan North Island- site work for new facility for youth who were mentally incapable of living outside an institution - open park to public/ people were worried about opening it up to Harlem/ talked to many people in wheelchairs- stories about why they were in the hospital/ many there because family had no where else to put them/ families strapped to an economic life where cannot afford place with accommodations - politically in the 60’s there was John Lindsey, mayor, wanted to take down hospitals to open them up to the community to help eliminate stigmas and bring people with disabilities into the community - when came to Berkeley to teach social and psychological factors in design while teaching students how to draw a straight line/ bring in people unlike the students to sit around with the students and look at their work and reflect on
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Unformatted text preview: whether the environment the student was designing was appropriate for them as elderly people, disabled people, people with children/ paid the people who came in as consultants-a grant for teaching innovation/ spend time talking about people who will occupy the buildings the students are designing for/ students develop stories about the people who live in the buildings in great deal/ assumptions get built into the built environment-only last 20 years disabled people started getting out/ architects did not have to think about accessibility until recently-disabled people more observant of the environment because they always have to think about it-design for everyone then can transition easily from age to age without having to constantly adjust built environment...
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